Free Edu 131 Course

The Office of Adult Education Initiatives is pleased to announce that we will be offering our free EDU-131 – Introduction to Adult Education course again this spring. The course will be run by our Instructional Support and Professional Learning Coordinator Galen Mitchell, and will only be available to instructors at programs that currently receive AEFLA funding, and who either:

  • started working for an AEFLA-funded program on or before September 1st, 2017; or
  • have already taken/submitted a portfolio for one or more of the ABEA EDU courses.

AEI’s goal is that instructors who might otherwise become out of compliance with the ABEA Policy before the new set of ABEA modules are available will be able to complete their ABEA using the current requirements/portfolio process and thereby avoid any lapses in compliance.

As before, the course will be offered online, in a self-directed format. The course is organized around the existing EDU-131 Course Competencies not the new ABEA competencies, and participants will be able to demonstrate mastery of each competency in a variety of ways. As such, time to completion will vary depending on prior knowledge/experience, but will be roughly equivalent to the traditional course. The course will launch on March 1st, and while the course is self-directed, it will close at the end of the current program year (June 30, 2019).

To register, please complete and submit the AEI EDU 131 – Registration form with your information, and we will be in touch. Registration will close at the end of the day on Friday, March 8th. Please email with any questions.

Galen Mitchell
Instructional Support and Professional Learning Coordinator
Adult Education Initiatives
P 303.866.6865
201 E Colfax Ave. Room 300, Denver, CO 80203 |