Cargill Helps Our Community

Have you ever thought about how fortunate Northeastern Colorado is to have Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan? It provides jobs for 2,160 people, and is the largest employer in our area. Cargill creates jobs for many private businesses at their facility and beyond, for example repair, trucking, and banking companies. The money that employees make at Cargill gets spent in our area, thereby keeping businesses afloat. The sales taxes, on these purchases, fund city and local services. Cargill pays property taxes, which increases the money available for area infrastructure and schools. Cargill also provides a market for cattle ranchers and feedlots all over our region. These factors all create a stable economy and place for our citizens to thrive.

Additionally, Cargill is very generous in making the quality of life better for our residents. They strongly believe in education and provide a Workplace Education Program for Cargill employees, their families, and even the public. Classes are held on site, before and after shifts to accommodate employees’ schedules. Cargill recently sponsored new English conversational classes at both Sol Naciente and the Pop Up Center. Cargill has shown its dedication to education for many years by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Morgan Community College.

Cargill makes life sweeter by donating money and meat to many different organizations in our community. A few of these include: Relay for Life, United Way, local schools, local non-profits, health fairs, bowling for SHARE, 4-H livestock auction, breast cancer awareness, MCC Gala, MCC golf tournament, scholarships to MCC, 5K Workplace Education Run, highway clean-up, and disaster relief. What would our community do without Cargill? Life would be very different than what we have become accustomed to!

Thank you, Cargill, for affording us a livelihood and a stable, enriching environment.