CAEPA Mini Conference

This year’s mini conference had a variety of 45-minute sessions that covered topics relevant to our Adult Education programs. It was difficult to choose just one because all of the sessions provided useful and interesting information. I chose sessions based on what I thought to be the most useful for my GED classes. Creating a “Data-Driven Culture” was the first session I attended. It talked about the assessment and evaluation process for the District 11 Adult & Family Education students’ test scores. Mellissa Burkhardt had broken down her process of data analysis in hopes of having us implement a system such as that in our programs. She stressed that it was important in order to meet the needs of each individual student.

The second session I attended was “Basic Math Formative Assessment”. I found that to be particularly useful because she had given us a sample test that showed the specific skills a student may or may not be lacking. Knowing what skill a student needs to master in math is useful because, if we run into a road block, we can go back to the basics and teach that skill. It is something I absolutely want to implement in to my lessons. I think this structure can be used for every subject, rather than just math.

I wish I was able to attend more sessions. CAEPA offers a lot of great teaching strategies, materials, and new ideas on improving our programs.